Wednesday, January 8, 2014

The Bookserk ReView Rating

After much deliberation, I have updated my Gone Bookserk ReView Rating.  Many of you will still see the old rating on previous posts, until with time they will change over.

My old rating had its limits, the new rating allows me to expand the types of reviews I will be posting. As you will see, the 5Star-system I have created falls much more in line with the GoneBookserk theme, as I will explain further.

Among My Favorites, Definitely! The Most MEMORABLE

The 5Star Rating is the top, best rating a book can receive from me. It's the rating reserved for mostly all my favorites, my most memorable books.  When I'm reading books, I focus mostly on 5 main elements.  When a book gets a 5Star rating, it means it has a very elevated place in all of these categories:
  • Genuine, Quality of writing
  • Pace & Plot Development
  • Human, Real Characters
  • Insightfulness
  • Enjoyability
Examples of 5Star Rating:
Fiction: "Demian" by Herman Hesse
NonFiction: "The Mathematics of Life"  by Ian Stewart

Thoroughly Enjoyed It; Will be Revisiting & Recommending It

This is really where most of the book that I read fall.  And it's a great place to be.  A 4Star book is one I enjoyed thorough.  It was:
  • Entertaining & Enjoyable
  • Insightful in Many Ways
  • Pace & Plot Developed Effortlessly
  • And finally, it was well constructed & well written.

It Was Alright, I Liked It

If a book gets a 3Star rating from me, it only means it lost me in a few places.  I enjoyed it, I got through it, but there were some challenging point.  That's not necessarily a bad thing from the perspective of the book.  It only means the book and I didn't really mesh well.  Maybe the book had its bad parts, or maybe I just didn't feel it enough.  It's tough to say.  This is pretty much the ground for all the books that are just below that quality mark.  All in all, it was:
  • Fairly enjoyable & Insightful
  • Plot & Characters were just alright
  • Writing & Ease of Reading just ok

Examples of 3Star Rating:
Fiction: "This Side of Paradise" by F.Scott Fitzgerald

Just Barely Finished It

I have had my fair share of these kinds of books.  I've read books that have been way too long and they utterly failed to keep me engaged for the number of pages they had.  I was much kinder with my old policy when it comes to these types of books.  This year, I hold no mercy to these books.  I will rate them with 2Stars.  A book has to keep me engaged in the story, first and foremost before anything else.  All in all the 2Star book just have two things going for them:
  • Writing & Ease of Reading is acceptable
  • Characters are Fairly Multidimetional

Didn't Finish, It Was Bad

Yes! With my new rating system, I will be rating books I don't finish, or can't finish with 1Star.  I had quite a few of those last year and I didn't rate them, period.  I didn't even mention them.  This year, if a book fails to keep me interested, if it's badly written, if it lacks multidimensional characters & plot develoment, or if isn't at all insightful, I will put it down.  If I have to put a book down, I will give it 1Star.  All that a 1Star book has going for itself is:
  • the possibility that it's just not my kind of book... others might like it, but not me.

How's it looking?  Agree or Disagree? Like or Dislike?
Give me your feedback...

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