Saturday, December 28, 2013

The GoneBookserk ReViews 2014

The new GoneBookserk Reviews have changed starting 2014.  

My ReViews will feature the photograph of the edition of the book I choose to review with the picture logo shown to the left.  Additionally, I will be posting the details to the book's specific edition: Genre, Format, Length, Pubisher/Edition(Published), and when it was First Published.

For every ReView I feature, I will be posting a specific quote from the book that represents the theme I choose to tackle.

I will introduce the novel in a short summary as it relates to the theme I choose to cover.  Additionally and most importantly, the introduction will feature how I choose to approach the theme and why the theme is important and relevant to be discussed.

The bulk of the ReView will be about tackling three perspectives in relation to the them.
  • The Style of the Writing: The voice, narration, the perspective and the context of the time the book was written in; the stylistic choice of the writing; and maybe even additional points related to the uniqueness of the book.
  • Plot Building: Again, as it relates to the theme I choose to discuss; how does the story unfold to represent the theme or how does the sequence of events in the novel lead the reader to the theme.
  • Character Development: How does the character fit into the theme of the book?  How does the evolution of the character influence the theme or the vice versa?
In summary, I will put it all together and touch on how we can further delve into the theme or additional themes covered in the novel and ask ourselves how we can further discuss certain points of interest.

Lastly, where does the book leave us?  Where do we go from the book?  Recommendations?

And, ultimately, rate the book...

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