Tuesday, December 31, 2013

My Most Memorable GoneBookserk Moments 2013

As the new year approaches and I reflect back on all that's happened on this blog, I realize I have so many memories to be thankful for.  Many of which I never really paid tribute to or shared with you all, the readers.  So this year, I'm doing that.  Here are my favorite moments about being GoneBookserk, so far.

My Very First Review Beginnings:
One of my first and most prominent memories is of doing my first guest post review.  Emlyn Chand is the first person who influenced me along this path.  At the time, in 2011, she hosted and led the Ann Arbor Classics Book Club and they were reading The Reader. This book review started my website.  After reviewing this book, I was offered to post a guest post review on Emlyn Chand's website.  I chose to review The Unbearable Lighteness of Being by Milan Kundera.  (By the way when you visit this review, you'll notice at the time I ran by the alias name Elemillia Ucselub ;)

Since the first review was a success, I approached Emlyn Chand to do a second guest review.  This time I wanted to review Twilight on her website.  I'm not quite sure how I decided that was the book to go with, but I did.  I'm really really proud to have done the review of Twilight on Emlyn Chand's website.  I received a lot of inspiring comments.  I am so thankful that I had the chance to have met Emlyn Chand.  She was a significant presence in my starting up my own online movement, the website and everything.

The Small Moments Along the Way:
One of the most rewarding aspects of the blogging adventure is how the small moment, the small victories creep up on you.  I remember getting so excited when I joined to do Book Tours.  Then came the moment when I had 100 followers, and then 200 followers.  Later on, I even did Blog Hops.  I was super excited when I discovered GoodReads.  I was even more excited when I was able to connect with other bloggers and do Reading challenges with them.  All these were small moments, but significant moments, rewarding points reinforcing my passion for books and reviewing.  It's been beautiful.

The Marking Points of The GoneBookserk Path:
The GoneBookserk ReViews was established at some point during the time of the blog.  I like to keep my reviews simple.  Now, for 2014, I will be updating the ReView Policy just slightly so it's more straight forward.  Although, my review styles will not be much more different than they have been recently.  It was a process to finally establish my own review style.  When I finally set a review rating, I was actually resolved.  I keep my reviews simple, I like to get straighgt to the review, and then I rate it.  If you would like to request a review of a book, or if you'd like to guest post you're own review, just contact me.

When I posted my official note about Welcoming Guest Posts on GoneBookserk was another one of those marking points.  I'm proud to have opened the door to Guest Posts.  For a long time I wasn't sure I wanted to go there.  I welcome anyone who would like to do a guest post on my website to approach me with their ideas.

I have also established a Request ReView information page.  Let me know if you'd me to review a book for you.  I only will except books from specific genres, so please read the post.  I'm extremely proud and excited to do request reviews.  It's one of the most rewarding aspects of blogging.  Not only do I get a chance to read book I wouldn't otherwise, maybe, but I also get to connect with people I probably wouldn't get a chance to either.

These last memories are probably my favorite.

I was a Featured Blogger on the Feature Follow Friday Meme, hosted by Parakunjee's View.  I was so excited when it happened.  I think I was smiling for weeks straight.  It meant hundreds of bloggers got a chance to know me directly as blogger.  I had a really great turnout and I met so many bloggers I wouldn't have otherwise.

I stumbled on a Romanian blog which helped me formulate a post about why I read.  I was really thankful to be so inspsired to actually formulate the correct words to describe why I read and blog.

 And then there was the most beautiful experience of my blogging career.  I wrote a piece on Marisha Pessl writing her novel Night Film.  It was in response to an interview she did for CNNLiving.  At the time, I was listening to the audio, and I am a huge fan of the book and her as a writer.  Reading the CNNLiving review I felt inspired to post about it.  After doing so and tweeting about it, Marisha Pessl actually responded on twitter.  This experience affirmed everything to me about being a book blogger.  That's that I am not blogging here alone, there is a whole community of bloggers, as well as authors who are listening and responding.  That is one of the most rewarding experiences of having this website.

Thank You, to all who have influenced and made a different in my path!

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