Sunday, February 3, 2013

ReView of TEN FUN THINGS TO DO BEFORE YOU DIE by Karol Jackowski

NonFiction - 144 pages
Hyperion (first published in 2000)

Karol Jackowski knows that it means to really live.  Have More Fun Than Anyone Else.  Get Some Insight.  Get Some Depth.  Find a place to Escape Reality. Write Something at the End of Every Day. Think About Nuns.  Make Yourself Interesting.  Live Alone for a While.  Treat Yourself.  Live Like you Have Nothing to Lose.  And of course, a couple more things like: what kind of people you should surround yourself with; 4 ways to have fun; 7 commandments of life; and of course how to have fun and become more interesting.  While this book may seem like just a bunch of lists that encourages you to live well, it's MUCH MORE than that.  There is a divine spirituality to this book. 

'The Alchemist' by Paulo Coelho for a very long time has been my ultimate spiritual 'bible.'  'Ten Fun Things to Do Before You Die' by Karol Jackowski is a companion to 'The Alchemist,' for me.  I read it every once in a while.  This time being probably the fourth or fifth time, and even so it still leaves me fulfilled, calm and enthused about my own life.  When I read it there is so much within it that mirrors how I live and what my beliefs of life are. It's truly a magical book.

With that being said I want to talk about the main reason I love this book so much.  Karol talks about how 'what moves you bears divine insight.'  I have always believed that in life, and of course 'The Alchemist' also touches on this subject.  Additionally, almost everything in life, though, bears some level of insight.  Karol writes it very eloquently.  'By the grace of that God all dissapointments, failures, mistakes, event tragedies become part of the winding path of our lives, given as turning points, and loaded with divine insight - should we care and have the strength to see."  I love Karol for emphasizing this point.  Because we should all make it a point in our lives to see the divinity in all things before we die.

The reason this book will bring peace and comfort to you after you read it, is because it is filled with hope, grace, and meaning.  Life can be immensely threatening and confusing.  What Karol does is help you see that life is so much more than what seems to happen on the surface, or much more than just the things we experience. 'You can take great comfort now in knowing that after a while, everything that happens to you, everything you dig up, even all the dirt, becomes exceedingly precious and simply divine.  Strange but true.  Strange because it doesn't readily make sense, but true because the deeper you go, the closer you get, and the closer you get, the more peaceful and indestructible you become."

Before you die have more fun than anyone, get insight, get depth, cultivate great escapes, have superior devotion to reading, and even write every day.  Karol is a nun, and she writes about the three ways to live like a nun, if you should consider to do so before you die.  She has a part in the book dedicated to holy disobedience, one of my favorite parts of the book actually.  Find ways to be solitary.  And learn to be a more interesting person before you die.

Thank you! Karol Jackowski for writing this book.

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