Wednesday, February 13, 2013

ReView of REFLECTED IN YOU by Sylvia Day

Contemporary Romance - 432 pages
Penguin Group (first published in 2012)

 I love the first book in the series, Bared To You. I think I enjoyed this second book even more.  It was filled with even more passion, more sofistication, and definitely more frustration.  All with good reason, too.  The ending did actually leave me a little perplexed to say the least.  I know a lot of you feel the same as well.  Well, anyway, here's what I really thought.

Gideon & Eva, ah, the quintenssential mad-love couple.  They're both complicated people with their own set of seriuosly destructive baggage.  So how do they resolve all this tension?  Well, I'm sure you all who haven't read can only imagine... and those of you who have know that we were all in for a real ride through all their adventures, both saddnening and enlightening.  Between character insecurities and emotional resolution there were plenty of exciting moments to drop your jaw and say "WHAT THE F....?"

There is definitely more of an emotional rollercoaster in this book.  Both of these characters find themselves catapulting towards each other's abyss of destruction but also, actually surprisingly enough, their salvation.... ?  I don't know... I'm a little confused with this book..

They're both similar individuals, standing side by side on jelousy, obsessiveness, and possessiveness.  It's the very thing that drives them together - their similatude towards one another - that battles them against one another...

I'm not quite sure where to go next with what I felt through this romance novel.  I felt I had just as much fun with this novel as I did with the previous one in the series, Bared To You, if not even more. There is something very magical about Sylvia Day's writing when it comes to romance.  It's not that kind of romance that is RIGHT IN YOUR FACE but it's the kind of romance that takes takes you on AN ADVENTURE, even if at times it can be down-right shocking.

There's depth and meaning to this novel, just as there was in the first one, I believe.  This series hold a very special place in my heart when it comes to Romance novels.  It's elegantly accomplished for a romance novel.

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