Tuesday, November 6, 2012

ReView of 'The Solitude of Prime Numbers' by Paulo Giordano

Italian Literature; 271pgs
Pamela Dorman Books

This is the tale of a pull and push that inevitably happens with those of an alike nature.  A young man and woman drawn together for their similar natures only to realize that it's that same quality that pushes them apart.  Frankly, hasn't that theme run a little too redundant?  Haven't we yet learned that opposites attract, and alike repel?  Well, I guess you can already guess I wasn't too impressed by this book.

I came to own this book by way of a GoodReads recommendation.  I actually stumbled on it at first by viewing someone's profile who was already 'currently-reading' it.  Afterwards, that same person recommended that I read it.  I liked most of their book selections, I loved the summary of the book, and finally by way of it being chosen in my Global Reading Book Club, I gave it a go.  The big dissapointment came when I was quickly unimpressed by it.  I didn't like it much at all. 

The writing is more than stale, in my opinion.  I grew to boredom often than not.  I wasn't pulled into the plot at all, if maybe one time.  I guess it just maybe isn't my type of book, maybe a little too 'mathematical?' Which ironically shouldn't have been a problem fom me since I come from a science background, yet it was.  Go figure!

I will leave it at that since it is all I actually want to say about this book that left me dry for the most part.

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