Sunday, August 26, 2012

ReView of The Age of Miracles: A Melancholy Portrayal of a Future Earth

Science Fiction/Dystopia (Young Adult?) ; (269 pgs)
Random House Publishing

For such a powerful, clever and ingenious premise I am not suprised this book has been getting such high praise.  Unfortunately, when you get to read it The Age of Miracles fails to fulfill your expectations.  It actually left me quite confused and dry.  I didn't think it really went the full distance.  Nevertheless, it did make for a fairly decent debut novel.

As you first begin reading this book you believe it's going to be an unbelievable story.  It's impeccably written, you can tell Karen Thompson Walker has great writing skills.  I loved the concept behind the premise, and I even enjoyed how it developed, to some extent.  It starts falling short through its scientific approach to explaining how the slowling of the Earth will affect all and everything on the planet.  

Death of grass, I get.  Extinction of different species of birds, ok, maybe I get it. Failure of world's crops, sure possibly.  Suffering 'gravity sicknes?'  You can make the reader believe anything you want in a piece of fiction.  Heck, I've been convinced by a book on more than one occasion.  This book, was the exception.  

I felt it didn't quite persuade me, and that had a lot to do with the fact that whatever she was saying in the novel, she really didn't take it the full distance to explain and delve into it.  She didn't skim the surface, either.  It was somewhere in the middle.  And that would be ok, if I didn't have such high expectations for it before reading it due to all the high praise it has gotten when it first appeared as a new Discover book.

As for the 'coming-of-age' theme of the book? I'm not so sure that translated through either.  I didn't really even feel for the 11 year-old in the novel.  I was highly disappointed. with this book even if it did have a great writing and was written impeccably well in terms of language.  A few weeks back I did a post on this book for 'Book in Reviews '  Check it out for further notes on it.

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