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Blind Veil Book Tour ; Synopsis, Excerpt, and Interview

Book Tour of Blind Veil with Synopsis, Excerpt and Interview

What does an unreported crime that occurred decades earlier have to dowith a NYC cop? Everything.

Nothing the old scientist told him could possibly be true…or so the decorated New York Cop and former Marine tries to tell himself.

But as the evidence mounts, he faces the terrifying question -- is the Blind
Veil lifting?

In a race for his life, he must decide if he is losing his mind or is the world he thought he knew merely an illusion?

How can an unreported crime that occurred forty years in the past,and across the country, affect a New York City Cop today? 

Can a seemingly innocent boat ride forever change the life of a former Marine? 

Find out when a Police Officer meets an eccentric scientist who claims to hold secret knowledge that has been hidden from the rest of society. 

Is this all truly happening, or is he slowly losing his grip on reality? Unfortunately, neither conclusion between the two worlds is better than the other as the clarifying line between reality and impossibility slowly disintegrates, turning his world upside down. 

He must dig thirty years into his past; deep beneath the veil and the mesh of murder, lies and deceit to find answers. 
Follow the trail of events that will forever shape his future… and maybe yours. (GoodReads)

Author Michael Lorde is a former law enforcement officer and detective.

Books have been a priority for as long as Michael Lorde can remember. Always
reading or writing Michael has written for years, since the first book ‘Babbly’ was
completed as a kid in the 1970’s. While growing up, this author loved sports of all
kinds, and was on numerous sports teams at school, including track, basketball and
swimming, to name a few.

Michael loves kids and animals and enjoys reading thrilling stories, attending live
performances, doing carpentry, and artwork. The Literacy Council, Special Olympics
and Samaritan House are causes that this author has participated in and contributed to
in the past and present.

Michael Lorde currently lives in Michigan.


What was your inspiration/motivation behind Blind Veil?

Blind Veil came in book form to me all at once. There were very few gaps to fill in.
My stories generally find me rather than the opposite. I don’t sit down trying to
think of a story line. Before I can finish one book, two others pop into my head.
It feels like a gift when I get them.

I’ve started and written books before, but this one just screamed out for me to
publish it. I’d just left a job that required that I work mad hours, and so the timing
was perfect and so I pursued publishing. That decision has changed a multitude
of things in my life, all for the better.

Who is your specific audience with this book?

Wow, that’s definitely a great question. All adults can enjoy this storyline. I’ve
told it leaves readers thinking even after they’ve turned the last page. It’s a
creepy story. Blind Veil is a genre mixer so some folks may not think they’d be

interested in it, but I think most readers will enjoy it, except perhaps for romance
or erotica readers (YA readers shouldn’t be reading this book since it is an adult
read). While I like to think of it as a psychological thriller with hints of paranormal
or science fiction, readers have called it many things (murder mystery to
paranormal police procedural, fantasy, sci-fi thriller, crime story, conspiracy etc)
It seems to defy genre as it’s a horse of a different color. If you read the excerpts,
you can tell more if it sounds interesting to you. It’s difficult to label in terms of a
correct genre. I can tell you what it’s not a bit easier. It’s not a YA, or an erotica,
or a horror book (though I think zombie and vampire fans might enjoy it even
without the fangs). It does contain a bit of romance, but it is not a romance novel
in the strictest sense of the term. While I hope readers who like many different
genres will enjoy this novel, I do think trying to plug it into a specific genre would
be nearly impossible and doesn’t do the plot justice.

What should readers know about this book, first and foremost?

First and foremost I’d like folks to know that this is a hard core storyline. If you’re
delicate hearted by nature and read only soft novels, you might want to pass on
this one. However, for those readers who like excitement, this story will be right
up your alley. There are not severed arteries or body parts sprawled all over
kingdom come, but it’s definitely got some disturbing elements in it, and scary

I’d also like readers to know that unlike many novels, you will not get a bit of what
the plot tastes like within the first four chapters. That’s unusual, I know… but
those chapters are the set up and are necessary. They run at a different pace and
tone than the rest of the novel and I did that deliberately. This novel was quite a
challenge in that for the majority of the time, the main character is by himself…
so there is not as much interaction with other characters as there is in my other
books. There is a lot of action though, and his solitude gives the reader a chance
to really get to know how this man thinks. I hope readers enjoy reading him as
much as I enjoyed writing him.

I view Blind Veil as a book that can be a stand-alone (though it doesn’t exactly
have a Cinderella story ending). In any event, I really wanted to continue on
with the series because I enjoy the characters in this book. Blind veil is the first
of a series. Readers can expect the second book of the series to be released in

What is your absolute favorite part in the book, and why?

I don’t think I have an actual favorite section, but I do have a favorite ‘thing’ about
this book. I enjoyed writing how my main character would get himself out of his
sticky situations. It seems he is always in one kind of trouble or the next, which is
not the norm for a cop. I had fun with it. It was like solving a criminal case that
seemed nearly impossible to solve and so I felt great relief for him after pulling
him from the quicksand from time to time. If I wrote it right, my readers will feel
that way as well.

Why did you name the book Blind Veil?

The book title, like the story itself, just came to me. When I thought of it, it did
seem fitting, so I didn’t look further. The title pertains to the subject matter so it

Time to hide.

There was only one safe place in the house. He wasn’t a kid
anymore. Could he still fit? If they found him hiding there he’d
be trapped, but he was trapped anyway, here in the house. Simms
opened the pantry door, almost knocking down an old can of peas.
He caught it mid-fall. Careful not to disturb the dust, he placed it
precisely from where it had fallen. They’d notice a clean spot. He
grabbed the rope which hung at the rear corner of the pantry wall
and pulled it to the left. It revealed an open space about three feet
wide which dropped to a small enclosed area below the house.
The total ceiling clearance there fell just shy of five feet, too small
for a man his size to fit. The radio sounded outside the window.
It crackled before spitting out whispers. Simms stepped over the
pantry floor and into the tiny space and turned around. He hadn’t
made a sound. He willed himself into the faux root cellar before
twisting his hand around for the rope. He used it to carefully
slide the panel back in place, keeping a tight grip on it to lock it
in. He was sealed off from the pantry and the kitchen, but was so
squished he couldn’t breathe. His ribcage was crammed in like
an oversized sardine in a can. His lungs couldn’t fully expand.
Standing blindly in the tight closet, he wondered how long he
could stay in this position before passing out. Sweat dripped from
his pores. A spider web clung to his cheek as he turned his head
toward the sounds in the house.

Quiet footsteps meandered from room to room. The search was
thorough. Twenty minutes later, they were now in the kitchen.
Cabinets were being opened. He closed his eyes in the pitch
black. He could feel them walking towards him. The pantry

door swung open. The gun tip shone like a brilliant ring from
the kitchen light. Between the slats, Simms could clearly see the
militant head covering and the dark eyes of the man peering from
behind it as he searched through the cabinet.
He felt safe. No one knew about this cubby hole he’d claimed as
his personal hiding space as a child. It was virtually unseen from
the searcher’s viewpoint. All the same, he didn’t breathe at all
until the professional was satisfied with his sweep of the pantry
interior and closed the door behind him.
Things sound so much clearer in the dark. He listened as they
finally left the house. Fifteen minutes or so later, the engines of
the all terrain vehicles faded into the distance. He was covered in
sweat which stuck him to the walls that concealed him. Still, he
waited a good twenty minutes longer before he opened the slat and
poked his head out of the pantry door. He breathed deeply, then
listened intently for sounds in the house, any sound.
It was silent.

The soft squeak of the pantry hinge put him on edge as he slipped
back into the kitchen and dropped to the floor. He skidded on
knees over to the window. The vehicles were gone.
Black and green liquid dripped from underneath Emmett’s truck,
pooling onto the yard, beneath it. He could smell gasoline.

‘Damn.’ They cut the hoses and the fuel line.

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